Meats and cheeses

The refuge Shambala has a 'wide range of meats and cheeses produced in our area that our visitors can enjoy.

In particular, our guest will be pleasantly satisfied enjoying the freshness and authenticity of our products. Aromas and flavors of what we offer, will give the palate moments of pleasant emotions, and will accompany you then, in the memory.

All this, it is necessary to emphasize again, is a product of our territory, we choose to offer to the patrons of the shelter to give a further essay than you can make available to visiting us.

Not only nature and fresh air but also delicious and tasty products that will not leave you unsatisfied

Rifugio Shambala' Alpe Giumello - m.1550 - Alta Valsassina, Lecco
Gestione: Fam.Flavio Spazzadeschi
Telefono rifugio: 0341 802024 - Cell: 340 6722738