Free Tibet

Flavio Spazzadeschi, comes in contact with Tibetan culture and the world during expeditions in the Himalayas at the turn of the '80s and '90s, and subsequent travel in countries such as India, Nepal, and, of course Tibet.



One of the reasons why the family Spazzadeschi has chosen to open the refuge Shambala, and work to 'alpe Giumello, a place full of greenery, is the' love of nature and the mountains seen as a real wealth to be protected.


Alpe Giumello

Alpe Giumello: the terrace of Muggiasca

Along the Valsassina from Lecco to Premana, you come to a country, Casargo, where you can divert to the hamlet of Indovero, and then come to 'Alpe Giumello on the slopes of Mount Muggio.

Here, a 'height of 1550 meters, you find yourself immersed in the greenery and nature and you can enjoy a beautiful view which explains the nickname "the terrace of Muggiasca" that is given to Giumello.

he lake, first, that extends below us and in which we have as the 'impression that it might dip, then the mountains (Pizzo dei Tre Signori, Grigna Monte Legnone) that frame this beautiful pasture.

The lake, first, that extends below us and in which we have as the 'passing of the seasons is always accompanied by the opportunity to play sports: during the 'winter you can enjoy of' plant and ski slope. In summer you can devote to the practice of paragliding.

This is all of the 'Alpe Giumello a place to visit to enjoy the magnificent panorama offered, to feel pampered by nature and at the same time indulge in fun sports activities.

Rifugio Shambala' Alpe Giumello - m.1550 - Alta Valsassina, Lecco
Gestione: Fam.Flavio Spazzadeschi
Telefono rifugio: 0341 802024 - Cell: 340 6722738