Shambala in the shelter you will find a perfect synthesis between 'love of Flavio Spazzadeschi and his family to the mountains and their territory, and their professionalism, daughter of a long experience in the fields of catering and tourism.


Free Tibet

Flavio Spazzadeschi, comes in contact with Tibetan culture and the world during expeditions in the Himalayas at the turn of the '80s and '90s, and subsequent travel in countries such as India, Nepal, and, of course Tibet.



A commitment to environmental protection

One of the reasons why the family Spazzadeschi has chosen to open the refuge Shambala, and work to 'alpe Giumello, a place full of greenery, is the' love of nature and the mountains seen as a real wealth to be protected.

And 'this passion to give birth to the' idea that you can not take advantage of the territory damaging, but you have to live doing what they can to keep it.

This constitutes the model for a new globalization in which it is possible to develop, but remaining immersed in an environment in which you are participating and non-proprietary.

This explains, for example, the decision to heat and energize the hut through a photovoltaic system and heat that allows you to take advantage of the 'solar energy by reducing waste to a minimum without having to give in terms of quality of service provided.

All this makes the Shambala a refuge that allows its guests a stay in full compliance with of the landscape.

Rifugio Shambala' Alpe Giumello - m.1550 - Alta Valsassina, Lecco
Gestione: Fam.Flavio Spazzadeschi
Telefono rifugio: 0341 802024 - Cell: 340 6722738