Shambala in the shelter you will find a perfect synthesis between 'love of Flavio Spazzadeschi and his family to the mountains and their territory, and their professionalism, daughter of a long experience in the fields of catering and tourism.



One of the reasons why the family Spazzadeschi has chosen to open the refuge Shambala, and work to 'alpe Giumello, a place full of greenery, is the' love of nature and the mountains seen as a real wealth to be protected.


Free Tibet

Tibet, free land, in the soul.

Flavio and Lella come in contact with Tibetan culture and the world during expeditions in the Himalayas at the turn of the '80s and '90s, and subsequent travel to countries such as India, Nepal, and, of course Tibet.

To the problems of the people, he feels, since then, very close so as to support the Indian monasteries of Drepung and Ganden, and to invite every year, some monks to stay, for a time, in the shelter.

And 'this a way to bring together two geographically distant cultures, groped for integration between them and stimulate mutual knowledge, as well as an opportunity to be close to a people still engaged in the solution of some complex events.

To fascinate particularly family Spazzadeschi is the deep spirituality that this people is a carrier. From all this comes the decision to give refuge to the patrons of Shamballa (whose name is, precisely Tibetan) the possibility of a comparison with such a culture.

Since 2006, the family Spazzadeschi organizes tours with Tibetan Monks to raise funds which are then sent to the monastery of Drepung and Gaden in India

The 'shambala'

Shambala', The Heaven of the Tibetans. The Kingdom of the Masters of Wisdom. Populated by beings made or 'enlightened' and that since ancient times guide you step by step the human race in its path while ensuring free will. This 'Invisible Kingdom' that certain esoteric rank among the Himalayan ranges, as well as the Mount Kailash, others in Tibet, over the desert Chantang, others in Mongolia. But maybe it's closer than we think, and we need to bring down that wall, the wall of the limitations land of our consciences. 'Shambala' a ​​set of shimmering valleys whose icy peaks of the mountains seem to rise even further up to incredible heights. Valleys flaming light with giant caves of gilt bronze and crystal, rock edges in immaculate white. A kind of architectural structure that combines wonderfully beautiful in their own land, air and fire thin. This is the realm of the great and be the masters of wisdom.

Rifugio Shambala' Alpe Giumello - m.1550 - Alta Valsassina, Lecco
Gestione: Fam.Flavio Spazzadeschi
Telefono rifugio: 0341 802024 - Cell: 340 6722738